For the Funeral of ________________________________________________


Introductory Rites

Entrance Hymn _________________________________________

Greeting - by Priest

Sprinkling Rite – by Priest

Placing of the Pall (optional) – by family

Placing of Symbols – by family

Eulogy – words of remembrance by family/friend ______________________

Opening Prayer – by Priest


Liturgy of the Word

First Reading ___________

  • Reader _____________________________________________

Psalm – spoken or hymn sung ______________________________________

  • If spoken, who is reading ______________________________

Second Reading (optional) ___________________

  • Reader _____________________________________________

Gospel – by Priest

Homily – by Priest

Prayer of the Faithful ____________________________________

  • Reader/s ___________________________________________


Liturgy of the Eucharist

Offertory Procession (Gifts of Bread & Wine) hymn____________________

  • 2 people ____________________________________________

Eucharistic Prayers by Priest

Communion – hymn _____________________________________________

Prayer After Communion by Priest


Final Commendation

Invitation to Prayer – by Priest

Signs of farewell (sprinkling & incensing by Priest)

Song of Farewell – spoken by Priest or hymn sung  _____________________

Prayer of Commendation

Recessional Procession – hymn ____________________________________


Rite of Committal

To be held at place of burial OR if a cremation to be held outside the church

Walk to the Gate &/or Bell rung - optional